Your own piece of art

You want to create your own piece of art or just a functional object out of stone? At littleZIM we regularly offer stone-sculpting workshops. Even if you have no experience at all – with competent and professional advice and guidance you will succeed and be proud of your results.

During the holidays we offer workshops for children, where young artists make hearts, fish or other animals which they can imagine to see in the stones. They learn how to use certain tools, a bit of English but especially tolerance, patience, concentration and confidence.

Our workshops are also ideally suited for teambuilding events for companies and organizations. As a team we create works which are produced by hand. We work on our own object, but it must fit into the mutually agreed installation. We discuss, we help each other we are proud about our success. Having meals together while discussing the project we get to know each other. The inspiring surrounding brings us closer and creates understanding. The team´s creations often decorate entrances and gardens of companies and organizations.

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