Stone-Sculpting enhances creativity
The raw-stone inspires – Ideas develop with patience and Muse. With hammer, chisel, rasp and sandpaper the creation reveals itself slowly, slowly but surely.

Stone-Sculpting teaches patience
The volcanic material has different hardness and needs to be treated and worked on in different ways. The teachers show the students how the stone can become a friend who needs to be worked on and cared for patiently.

Stone-Sculpting creates tolerance
The competent workshop-leaders are Africans. They come from a different culture, which we can learn more about. We learn to work together and learn from each other. We also learn that each other student has its own idea and goal and see how he reaches it in his own way. There is no better or worse, just different ways.

Stone sculpting builds team spirit
Our African teachers grew up in big families and have learned from young age to live together with elders, young ones, with disabled people and to accommodate and support each other. They are a proven team of team experts who motivate and help by example and advice to work on OUR piece of art and OUR installation with our friends and colleagues. During breaks and meals we exchange ideas and find ways.