The stone-art of Zimbabwe started long time back. The first records have been found at “Great Zimbabwe”, the capital of the Muhumuntapa high culture from 11th to 15th century.
In this biggest Sub-Saharan stone structure monument several stone sculptures have been found, all showing the Chapungu-bird, which is now part of the national emblem and flag of Zimbabwe.
Initially, mainly traditional and religious subjects were discovered and interpreted. In the 50ies and 60ies of the last century “Shone Sculpting” received a renaissance. Joram Maringa of Inyanga in the Easterns Highlands is seen as the artist who started the revival of stone-art in Zimbabwe.
Today stone-sculpting is a very important part of Zimbabwes society. Myths, traditions, life, situations, feelings and nature are described and expressed in stone with and through creative skills, talent and patience. There are several art-communities in Zimbabwe. Some have existed for 50 years, others are new. The probably best known and one of the oldest is Tengenenge.